Success Case: Investment in Zeus

Zeus was born in 2016 to facilitate commercial rentals by connecting property owners with companies that need spaces ready to work. The idea was inspired by AirBnB, the most successful startup today valued at USD 50 billion, but aimed at a different audience: the Corporate.

The project was born in San Francisco, USA. USA, where there are a large number of fast-growing technology companies and soon expanded to Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Washington.

The business was a success from the first moment. By 2018, companies like Facebook and Disney made agreements with Zeus to open new workspaces for your employees.

During 2019, Zeus It grew 300% in sales reaching USD 100 million annually in its 4th year of activity. Today it has more than 250 employees and some 2,000 properties under management.

AirBnB could have expanded business to this new segment by competing with Zeus. But instead, he decided to invest and join Zeus that he had been doing very well.

Today Zeus, also known as the «AirBnB for business» reached a value of USD 205 million in just 4 years capturing the attention of the main American specialized media, and has its own AirBnB among its main investors and allies ... and why not, its possible future buyer.

TechCrunch: «AirBnB invest in Zeus, which raised USD 55 M to a valuation of USD 205 M ».


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