Success Case: Investment in Ripio

Ripio was born in 2013 to facilitate payments through bitcoins in all kinds of shops and companies. Back then, "bitcoin" was an unfamiliar word to most people and its value was around $ 100 per unit. 

In 2014, it reached a value of USD 1,000, also multiplying its popularity and the business of Ripio.

After a subsequent decline in the value of the already famous cryptocurrency, Ripio It expanded its range of businesses by allowing people to purchase various cryptocurrencies, pay for services and recharge cell phones, from its new mobile application. 

During 2017 the price of bitcoin goes from USD 900 to USD 19,000 multiplying its value by 20 times and also the business of Ripio (again). 

During that 2017, Ripio launches its own cryptocurrency, RCN, to implement a network of loans between people, and raised the equivalent of USD 34 million in cryptocurrencies for financing, making it one of the most successful collections of crypto companies globally. 

But immediately afterward, the cryptocurrencies he received multiplied its value by 3, causing Ripio counted with more than USD 100 million available to invest in your projects.

Today Ripio It is one of the fastest growing financial platforms in Latin America with a presence in 5 countries, which uses cutting-edge technology based on «blockchain» to exceed the quality and cost of the services provided by banks, including its innovative loan service among persons. 

Coindesk: «Ripio receives USD 37 M in its Initial Coin Offering for Ethereum loan network ».


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