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We seek to double the average returns of the markets by applying the Value Strategy, popularized by Warren Buffett, with which he gained 20.5% annually, or 2,472,627% in total, for the last 54 years. 



We combine investments in young companies with high potential growth with very high quality companies listed on the US stock markets optimizing returns, risks and liquidity.



South Ventures is inspired by Berkshire Hathaway, the world's most successful investment company, albeit with a more competitive size. That is why we designed the «Berkshire Hathaway if I were born again today» . 


About us

South Ventures was officially launched in 2013 as a global investment platform managing Ventures Capital and Hedge Funds, co-investing with Google, Goldman Sachs, Soros and others.  

South Ventures is the result of 14 years of investment experience since the formation of the IG Business Angels Club, devoted to investing in companies with high growth potential.

Venture Capital

Since 2014 we have launched 3 Venture Capital managed funds with average annual returns of 25%. 25% of the invested companies went from being worth USD 3 million to USD 100 million in 5 years (+ 3,000%) Thus, we become one of the best performing investment firms in Latin America.

Hedge Fund

Our most evolved fund, the GRIT Fund, combines Venture Capital investments with investments in the stock markets to achieve high returns (17% annual average in USD), liquidity and low risk, taking advantage of the bear markets with cash and hedging instruments.


South Ventures In Numbers

Our passion for investing led us to obtain the highest figures among investment firms in terms of returns and the number of investors who continue to trust us.

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Success cases

South Ventures investment cases in innovative ventures that grew more than 20 times their size in less than 5 years


In just 4 years, Zeus, the «AirBnB for businesses“It went from USD 0 to USD 100 million annually in sales. The company was born in San Francisco, USA, raised USD 55 million of investment from AirBnB along with other investors and is worth USD 205 million today becoming one of the fastest growing startups in the United States


In the year 2013, Ripio It was born with the aim of facilitating payments through bitcoins, when practically nobody had heard of cryptocurrencies. Then bitcoin would become famous for going up in value 10 times in a single year and, after a break, another 20 times. With this, its popularity grew and also the business of Ripio which in 2017 raised USD 37 M for the launch of its own cryptocurrency, RCN, and a network of loans between people from all over the world.

  • La característica que “predice” el éxito
    por Sebastian Ortega on August 13, 2020

    Psicólogos de Stanford descubrieron una característica común a todas las personas exitosas. No es la inteligencia, ni la familia en la que nacieron. Solo 1 de cada 3 personas la tiene. La entrada La característica que “predice” el éxito se publicó primero en South Ventures' Blog.

  • Escuche lo que le dicen y haga todo lo contrario
    por Sebastian Ortega on August 6, 2020

    Si hace lo mismo que la mayoría, obtendrá sus mismos resultados. Si quiere algo mejor, tendrá que tener el valor de desafiar a esa mayoría La entrada Escuche lo que le dicen y haga todo lo contrario se publicó primero en South Ventures' Blog.

  • El espectacular momento del oro, la plata y el bitcoin
    por Sebastian Ortega on July 30, 2020

    En solo 10 días se volvieron las más codiciadas ¿Es momento de comprar? Un análisis según cada tipo de persona. La entrada El espectacular momento del oro, la plata y el bitcoin se publicó primero en South Ventures' Blog.



Sebastián has a PhD in Business Management and a Master in Business Management from CEMA University (Arg), with a specialization in Mergers and Acquisitions at the Business School of Harvard University (USA) and a specialization in Value Investing at the School of Business of Columbia University (USA).

Sebastián OrtegaCEO, South Ventures


Federico is the founder of Inversor Global, an investment advisory company. He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Quilmes with a degree in real estate investment from the University of New York. He was a financial advisor at «Capital Markets» and at Citibank.

Federico TessoreDirector, South Ventures



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